All Lindsay Taylor products are made by hand, designed in the studio in London and made in India. She uses a combination of block printing and hand embroidery.

The designs for the blocks are sent to India where they are hand carved from wood by hand. When the blocks are ready, she travels to India to work on the sampling.

On arrival time is spent wth the dye master working on a colour palette and then with the printers working on different layouts. Once the printing has been done small embroidery workshops are held to experiment with different colour ways and techniques.

At the moment she works with only two of the 14 embroidery stitches available in Kutch, the first is done by the Ahir group and is a variation on the chain stitch with filling. The second is called takakam which is a kind of reversed running stitch.

All the fabrics that she uses are made from natural fibres, they are hand woven and usually handspun therefore there are often slight flaws in the fabric which should be seen as part of its' integral beauty. Vegetable dyes are used where possible.

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