KHADI SILK: A Hand-woven, hand spun matt silk with a texture similar to linen
GAJJI SILK: A mill woven satin silk with a smooth luxurious finish
MASRU: A hand-woven rayon with a satin weave finish, the "right" side of the fabric has a glossy sheen and a self coloured dotted pattern that is not visible on the "wrong" side which is matt. This fabric was originally designed for Mogul kings whose religion dictated that they shouldn't wear silk next to the skin. The fabric was woven with a cotton warp and a silk weft. In a satin weave the weft sits on the top of the cloth so to the unknowing eye the cloth looks like pure silk but in fact the cotton warp was sitting next to the skin.
TAKAKAM: A type of reverse running stitch that outlines the motif in tiny stitches that are rather like Braille
AHIR: A fine chain stitch with filling done by hand
KAMBIRA: A type of hand embroidery with a regular symmetrical pattern done onto velvet which gives the fabric a 3 dimensional look.

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